***BLACK FRIDAY SALE*** 20% Off 1 Mag-Pad and 2 GO-Magnets

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The limited time package consists of 1 ea Mag-Pad and 2 ea GO-Magnets with small mounting plates.  Descriptions below:

The Mag-Pad Magnetic Mounting Surface is a soft, flexible, anti-scratch, ridiculously strong, magnetic mounting surface.  Measuring just 1/4" thick, it takes up almost no room and can hold just about anything you throw at it.  The Mag-Pad Magnetic Mounting Surface is a great addition to help organize any gun safe.  

Magnetic on both sides, GO-Magnets gun mounts offer the added bonus of not needing to use screws or staples to hold them in place when sticking to a steel surface.  You can get your pistols out of their boxes and displayed, or you can hide your pistol in your vehicle or under your desk.  With GO-Magnets gun mounts, the possibilities are endless.

Package Contains:

1 ea Mag-Pad Magnetic Mounting Surface

2 ea GO-Magnets Gun Mounts & 2 Small Zinc Coated Mounting Plates (with screws)

Size: Various

Weight: 1.6 lb