How We Got Started

In early 2014 the creator of GO-Mags set out to find a way to display guns inside his vault without having ugly peg boards or pockets.  He wanted to be able to organize and/or reorganize the display as necessary as items were purchased or sold.  He searched the web and found a number of gun magnet products that simply didn't meet his expectations.  Too expensive, too weak, needing screws, and a difficulty in use were just some of the issues encountered.  So...he set out to make his own.  The end result is the GO-Magnet.  With a unique design and materials combination, he was able to create a gun magnet virtually unmatched in strength that can firmly hold even the heaviest of pistols yet still be removed from a steel surface with only two fingers.  Play with a GO-Magnet for just a few minutes and you will be a believer.  These things are like potato is almost impossible to have just one.